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The club is open to anyone interested in amateur radio and electronics.  

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Updated 30Apr24

Q-Codes and other Codes

Some codes are frequently heard on amateur radio.  It is simply a part of our lingo and sometimes it helps communications.  Think of it this way, you may be fluent in English, but many people are not, and even then some Canadians have accents or voices that may make them difficult to understand.  common codes help  This is also the reason we use phonetics to spell call signs and other information.


Common Q-Codes

- QRT means stop transmitting.  Now used slightly differently.  "I am going QRT" means that you are closing the station or that you simply going off the air.

- QSY means move frequency.  Usage: "please QSY to <frequency>" or "please QSY 10 KHz up"

- QSL means I have received your message.  Sometimes - incorrectly - used in stead of "roger"

- QRM means interference.  Usage: "there is QRM on the frequency"

- QRN mean static interference. Usage: "there is QRN on the band today"

- QRP means "lower your power"  It is now used to indicate a station running low power.  Usage: " I am operating QRP"

- QTH means location.  Usage: "my QTH is Maple Park"

- QRL formally means "I am busy", but now usually means your place of work.  Usage "I am at my QRL"

- QSO means a contact with another station.  Usage "I had a QSO with VE7CRC yesterday" or "thanks for the QSO"

- QRU means I have no traffic for you.

- QRV means "I am ready to receive traffic" or "I am available for a call".

- QRX means "wait until I am ready"

- QLF? sent in Morse Code means "are you keying with your left foot?"  It could be taken as an insult.


Other Codes

- 73 means "greetings" normally used when you sign off or finish a QSO.

- 88 means hugs and kisses.  Also used at the end of a QSO.

- CQ means I am open to talk to anyone.  Not used on repeaters.

- YL means "young lady"  Usually means a female operator.

- XYL means a married female.  Usage is  now limited to your own wife - if she approves.